Order of Code

Order of Code


Order of Code - Polish software development company.


We offer:Ÿ

  • Comprehensive company websites and online stores/shops (loyalty programs and SMS sales) including Content Management Systems
  • Desktop and internet applications (widgets, API websites and B2B platforms)
  • Blogs
  • Multimedia and 3D presentations
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Documentation ‘flow’ within the company
  • Other software according to the client’s needs

We use a number of different technologies and tools, including: javascript, ajax, php, C#, .Net, PHP, MS SQL, MySql, Postgres, SOLR, Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), Wordpress, Drupal, Android, iOS and many more. We have a lot of experience in localization, testing and SEO.

In our daily work we are using Agile methodology. This includes very frequent meetings with stakeholders over skype.

For every project we have extensive set of unit tests plus manual testing as well. We use SVN with our own continuous integration system based on Jenkins - to provide frequent automated testing.

Projects realized:

  • Property Investment Calculator
  • Stock Market Prediction Tool -a tool that can be used for prediction of stock exchange quotes e.g. for commodities
  • Natural language processing - project included the preparation of algorithms for recognizing the meaning of texts in a flight search domain
  • Prototype of tool which analyses live website logs and detects the bots or unusual traffic
  • Word add-in / VBA macros a tool automating a mundane task of preparing long reports based on a large number of pictures with specific names
  • Prototype website integrating various functionalities like Twitter API, text search (SOLR) or sentiment evaluation of tweets from Twitter
  • Application for telecommunication business - Applications for measurement of telecommunication network signal parameters 



Wit Więch - director


phone: +48 697517584




Wybrzeże  Marsz. J. Piłsudskiego 4/425

37-700 Przemyśl, Poland

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