TOP S.A. company is on the market since 1991. We specialize in the production and implementation of integrated information systems. We offer a full comprehensive software package from ERP systems (including: finance, human resources, sales, logistics, purchasing, warehouse, complaints, transportation, crm, production), the analytical business intelligence systems, Internet tools supporting contact with the client, WMS systems and B2B, electronic workflow systems, reporting systems, for applications dedicated to ending.

Our Customers are mainly:

  • Large and medium-sized manufacturing companies,
  • Multi-branch retail companies.

The main distinguishing features of our company are:

  • Comprehensive range - in addition to specialists are also experts in finance, accounting, controlling, payroll - our products basically cover all the needs of our client companies.
  • Knowledge of our employees supported by many years of practical experience gained during the complex implementation processes.
  • Advising and consulting - providing customers with the selection of appropriate tools, we provide all necessary consulting services.
  • Value for money - high quality software, easy to use and ensure data security is achieved after many years of working with medium and large companies, in which the systems were implemented. By eliminating the middlemen and the use of Open Source tools our systems have reached a very positive factor for money.
  • Fast Implementation - provide a short implementation time of our system (also for multi-site enterprises and projects that require integration of TOP SA with third-party software.
  • Individual "tailored solutions" - because we are manufacturer of all offered systems, we are able to modify products or prepare applications dedicated to individual, agreed with the customer's needs and goals.
  • Constant care support acts - the completion of the implementation of the software users of our systems are covered by our constant care carried out remotely or directly when necessary at the installation site.
  • Institutional Sustainability - our company for 20 years continuously engaged in information technology , which allows us to say that we are a reliable partner for our clients.

TOP SA products offer include:

  • TOP9000 – Integrated Information System ERP (covers areas: distribution, sales, logistics, contacts with clients, production, transportation, storage, finance and human resources),
  • TOP OLAP – The Analytical Business Intelligence,
  • TOP WMS – The high storage management,
  • TOP B2B – Electronic data interchange system,
  • TOP CBI – Information Security Center – a system of reporting on the state of infrastructure and business processes,
  • Dedicated Applications – created according to individual needs.

We invite to take a closer look at our solutions or products on our website: www.topsa.com.pl

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