We are a company that has been selected by the City of Rzeszow to one of the most innovative companies in the region of Podkarpacie. We specialize in the design, implementation and servicing of telecommunications, audiovisual and videoconferencing for business entities and institutions.


The company was founded in 2000 in response to market demand for comprehensive services for integration and implementation high-tech in business. From the beginning, we focus on the quality of services, close cooperation and individual approach to the customer.


A very strong point of our company is a highly specialized team of employees and partners. Through numerous workshops and training and gained experience, our team has the necessary skills to design and implement complex systems and Unified Communications and latest audio-video systems.


We have authorization key producers of innovative telecommunications and audiovisual solutions, by what we offer our customers the latest technology conforming to the world standards.


We invite you to visit our website, the main www.vegacom.pl and dedicated video conferencing systems www.vegakonferencje.pl


Our offer includes comprehensive solutions for:

  • Telecommunications Systems
  • videoconferencing systems
  • E-Learning Platform and Streaming
  • audio-video systems and video presentation
  • Speaker Systems
  • Systems conference and simultaneous interpretation
  • conference control systems and data
  • Consultancy in each of the areas of our business

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